V-Notary digital intellectual property protection.

V-Notary provides an easy and cost-effective solution for individuals to register and secure their intellectual property on a public blockchain, without revealing its content. This helps establish proof of ownership and protects the assets from theft or manipulation.

With V-Notary, files are assigned a unique identifier that allows for quick online tracking, verifying when it was created, who owns it, and its development history. This provides a more secure alternative to traditional methods and eliminates the expenses of manual ownership validation. Keep your ideas and digital assets safe with V-Notary.

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Trustworthy solution

Documents are hashed and stored securely in the locally encrypted storage.

Easily file hashing

Validate the unique hash on your file and make it proven forever.

Development history

Track how your project changed over time by using the certificates that link together.

Funds saving

Avoid financial losses associated with fraud and forgery of documents.

API solution

API solution that integrates directly with existing client software.

Proven rights

Generate the certificate confirming your ownership of the digital asset.