Secure your ideas all over the world with V-Notary

Web application to register your digital assets with a few clicks immutable record of ownership

Protecting your digital assets and asserting ownership can be difficult for individuals. V-Notary is a web app that solves this problem by providing an easy-to-use platform for tracking and securing original ideas. The app uses blockchain technology to create an immutable record of ownership that can serve as evidence in disputes. With V-Notary, validating ownership claims becomes easier and more cost-effective, empowering individuals to take control of their digital assets. Protect your ideas today with V-Notary!

Protect your digital assets by signing up for V-Notary today! With our secure platform, you can easily assert ownership over your original ideas and creative work. Don't wait any longer to become the legal owner of your intellectual property – join V-Notary now!

Easy to use

No downloads or complicated registrations. Register your files online.


Not required legal support. Valid forever. Free 10 credits to start.


All your projects in one place. Certificate to prove your ownership.

Scientific evidence


Powerful ideas

Medical records

Media files

Identity validation


Fashion designs

Engineering drawings

Digital art

Business plans

Brand names

Application software

Architectural drawings

Transparency and Trustworthy service

V-Notary service ensures the asset’ protects against fraud. The blockchain is an immutable, distributed ledger system, meaning that hash stored on it is secure and cannot be altered.

This means that any asset hashed on the blockchain has a permanent, verifiable record of ownership and a timestamp of when it was transferred or traded.

Share your ideas safely

By registering your idea on the blockchain, you can safely share versions, and look for partners and investors, reinforcing  that the idea belongs only to you.

Save your funds

V-Notary service has a clear and fixed price policy. There are no hidden or extra fees associated with the services, and customers can purchase credits whenever needed.

All payments and credits can be acquired through a browser-based application, eliminating the need for a special application.

Timestamp Blockchain Certificate

Securely verify your digital assets with V-Notary’s blockchain certificate. Once you hash your files, you can download the certificate, which provides an immutable record that can be verified by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

This certificate ensures the security of your documents by securely hashing them, and the timestamp adds an extra layer of authenticity. V-Notary’s certificate allows you to keep your assets confidential while providing a secure and trustless system for verification that can be independently verified by any third party.

Recording your files within V-Notary can help streamline the transfer and trading process. The service is fast, inexpensive, and secure, reducing the risk of asset loss or damage.

Sign up now with V-Notary to get started! Register your digital assets and protect your rights with V-Notary!