Annual Subscription Options

Save 20% with our annual plan when you know your requirements. Choose a credit package that fits your needs, with credits available in monthly bundles. Discounted top-ups are also available when you need more.

5 Credits pr. Month (60 Credits/Year)

$ 288

10 Credits pr. Month (120 Credits/Year)

$ 480

25 Credits pr. Month (300 Credits/Year)

$ 960

50 Credits pr. Month (600 Credits/Year)

$ 1440

With each credit, you’ll get:

Get a certificate that's verifiable on the Blockchain with approved timestamping from both the USA and EU.

Attach QR codes to registered files and Blockchain certificates for on-the-go fingerprint verification directly on the Blockchain, making file authenticity and origin verification easy.

Please note:

  • “Purchase one credit to register a file and generate a QR code and certificate.
  • All “Credits to Go” purchases are valid for 12 months from the purchase date.
  • For all subscription packages, new credits are added at the beginning of each month. Unused credits roll over to the following month as long as your subscription remains active.
  • Timestamps are currently authorized in the USA and EU only, with additional regions coming soon.”

Unsure of the best plan to fit your needs or do you have a specific requirement? Get in touch with our sales team and they'll help you find a perfect solution!