Upgrade your legal practice with an IP protection service

For legal firms and Law Tech Platforms to expand their portfolio and increase their win rate with that IP management directory Our system creates a unique, immutable hash of any digital document and stores it securely on a distributed & decentralized ledger.

Provide your clients with immediate value and establish a point of difference from your rivals.

V-Notary provides a solution to secure and leverage intellectual property assets in the digital age that is both easy to use and affordable. Vleppo’s V-Notary Patent Service offers an innovative service for legal firms that enables your clients to establish an evidentiary record of their IP in a public place, which is immutably dated and time-stamped.

It provides the ultimate security & protection of your client`s Intelectual Property. Our cutting-edge service allows anyone to quickly and securely record all of their digital assets in the blockchain, make a transparent, immutable, secure, time-stamped, and tamper-proof recording of data. With these secure backups, you can trust that your client’s Intelectual Property will be protected for generations.

Keep up with the ever-changing technological landscape and provide your clients with the best services.

How Does Vleppo’s V-Notary Patent Service Work?

Vleppo’s V-Notary Patent Service provides an easy way for anyone to protect their IP during the pre-patent period by establishing evidence of its creation in a public place (a permission less and public Blockchain). This technology uses blockchain technology to link all relevant data associated with the IP into a single entry. Once this data is entered into the blockchain network, it is then timestamped for added protection.

An easy and affordable web based application

Use our web portal to support validation of the IP creation or version management or, utilize our API Suite to support integration into your own “Lawtech” solution!

Provide existing and new clients with immediate value

This service is an extremely affordable and easy way to provide new and existing clients with a means to establish evidence of the creation of their IP and provide protection during the pre-patent period.

Prove validity with Blockchain certificates

With a blockchain certificate issued by V-Notary, you can rest assured that documents and IP assets are safely hashed and verifiable for years to come.

This timestamp mechanism provides a trustless solution for verifying asset ownership, as all records associated with the blockchain certificate are cryptographically secured and publicly visible on the blockchain.

Transformation of the way IP rights are registered

V-Notary is revolutionizing the registration process of IP rights with cost-effective, fast, secure, and accurate technology. The cutting-edge solution enables rights management information to be more efficient and transparent than ever before.

Accuracy and confidence in the data!

The service is here to help you win more cases with stronger evidence. Our advanced technology helps to provide proof of control, ownership and existence, so you can have added confidence in the accuracy of your information. With V-Notary, you’ll have reliable data that helps to build strong cases and secure more wins.

Expand your potential with V-Notary and broaden the legal strength of your clients with immutable files.


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    Easy and affordable way to protect IP during the pre-patent period.
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    V-Notary creates transparency between parties involved in transactions related to said IP, and streamlines processes such as authentication and validation protocols.
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    Gives creators peace of mind knowing that they are leveraging cutting-edge technology while demonstrating blockchain capability without having to change existing operating models.
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    V-Notary sets you apart from your rivals by providing existing and new clients with immediate value through this innovative service.
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    Your clients can use the service autonomously online

Leverage V-Notary to streamline you Legal Business with the cutting-edge solution