Immutable validation of documents and contracts

API driven Smart Contract deployment with embedded escrow functionality

Powerful tools for multiple services

  • Enable users to securely send and receive funds or assets via the API
  • Provides real-time notifications of transaction status and updates to user accounts
  • Facilitates automated payments and refunds

Custodial Wallets

  • Allows users to create and manage custodial wallets for storing cryptocurrencies or other assets
  • Enables the creation of sub-wallets for specific purpose or user groups
  • Provides a secure and reliable storage solution for digital assets.
  • Provides a means for parties to an agreements to hold a deposit safely and securely
  • Complete transparency as funds only released on mutual assent
  • Ability to adjust or part release funds in response to disputes or mutually agreed changes in contractual terms  

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  • Enables the creation and management of digital
    agreements between multiple parties
  • Provides a secure and tamper-proof record of the
    agreement and its terms
  • Allows for automated execution of agreement terms via
    the API
  • Allows parties to modify and update existing
    agreements via the API
  • Ensures that all parties are notified of the changes
    and agree to the updated terms
  • Provides a secure and transparent record of all
    amendments and their details

Custodial Wallets

  • Enables users to raise disputes and resolve them via
    the API
  • Provides a secure and transparent record of the
    dispute and its resolution
  • Facilitates automated refunds or payments based
    on the resolution of the dispute