V-Notary is a service that utilizes blockchain technology to provide creators with a secure and reliable way to capture, store, and track their digital assets, including files of any size and format. With V-Notary, creators can prove their ownership rights and protect their intellectual property (IP) by maintaining an immutable record of their transactions and activities related to the asset.

By using V-Notary, creators can license or sell their IP or defend their legal rights using the evidence of their ownership stored on the blockchain. This ensures that any changes to the asset are securely tracked and unauthorized access or tampering can be easily detected and prevented.

Protect and leverage your digital intellectual property all around the world with V-Notary

How it works

Upload your files of any format

Your digital asset can be simply uploaded to the V-Notary

Get your unique record

Hash digital asset and get a unique identification code, stored in your Repository

Generate QR Code for your hash

Download QR code linked to the hash, also included on the blockchain certificate.

Generate a certificate

Get a blockchain certificate via download or email to verify your record's authenticity.

Your Intellectual Property is now recorded in the system so you can get access to it at any time


Safely hash and verify your files with the power of blockchain technology.

Protect your ideas, digital content, and media for life with our online service that offers immutable files and embedded proof of creation.

Get complete peace of mind with a security system that guards against hacking, data loss, or copyright infringement.

Leverage the power of blockchain with V-Notary to ensure your digital assets are securely tracked and maintained in an immutable manner.

V-Contract API

V-Contract API is a tool for developers to interact with blockchain technology. It provides secure transactions, dispute resolution, and escrow services, as well as custodial wallet and contract management. The API makes it easier for developers to build secure, reliable, and flexible applications for secure and transparent transactions between parties.

With V-Contract, businesses can ensure their logistics and transport services run smoothly with minimal effort, while also benefiting from secure and transparent transactions and efficient dispute resolution.

Protect and leverage your digital intellectual property all around the world with V-Notary

Use V-Contract API to access the data and functionality of a blockchain without having to build your own blockchain platform.