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Vleppo’s API revolutionizing the way businesses manage contracts and intellectual property. Using cutting-edge Ricardian Smart Contract solutions, we provide secure digital asset and contract management tools for businesses. Integrating our API suite allows companies to achieve greater security in their day-to-day transactions, increased efficiency, and reduce costs in transactions especially those requiring escrow facilities.

Our API allows you to quickly spin up powerful smart contracts that guarantee trust, transparency, and security at a fraction of the cost.

V-Notary is a blockchain-based IP management service that helps businesses securely track their digital assets and protect their rights.

It creates an immutable record of ownership, reduces validation costs, and provides a unique identifier code for each asset. This record can be used as evidence for commercial rights during disclosure.

Protect and leverage your digital intellectual property all around the world with V-Notary

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V-Contract API

V-Contract API is a platform for managing digital assets and information securely and decentralize through a blockchain. Developers can access the blockchain’s data and functionality using the API without building their own platform.

The API enables fast creation of trustworthy and secure ricardian smart contracts at low cost and with no coding needed. It has a user-friendly interface and top-notch security features. Many developers have already adopted it.

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Ricardian Smart Contracts

Ricardian Smart Contracts have various applications, including serving as proof in copyright disputes and facilitating secure and validated transactions for digital assets secured by codified escrow.

What is the Ricardian Smart Contract

The Ricardian Contract is a way of expressing a legal agreement in a way that can be understood by both humans and machines. Ian Grigg proposed this smart contract system in the 1990s, inspired by the economist David Ricardo. Essentially, it involves creating a document that clearly outlines the terms of the agreement in language that people can understand, as well as a machine-readable version that computers can process automatically. The purpose of this approach is to make sure that everyone involved understands the terms of the agreement, and to provide a legally binding and easily enforceable framework for the agreement.

How Ricardian Smart Contract can streamline my business

Ricardian contracts can benefit businesses in multiple ways, including:

  1. Improved clarity and transparency: The human-readable component of a Ricardian contract provides a clear and concise description of the agreement’s terms.

  2. Automated enforcement: The machine-readable component automates the enforcement of certain terms, reducing the need for manual intervention.

  3. Better security: Cryptographic signatures make Ricardian contracts secure and tamper-proof, reducing the risk of fraud or disputes.

  4. Increased efficiency: Automated contract enforcement speeds up business processes and reduces the cost and time required to manage agreements.

  5. Increased accessibility: The machine-readable format makes Ricardian contracts accessible to a wider range of parties, including those without a legal background.

In conclusion, Ricardian contracts can enhance the efficiency, security, and accessibility of business transactions, making them a valuable tool for streamlining business operations.

Ricardian Smart Contract API by Vleppo

Vleppo provides a user-friendly and innovative Ricardian Smart Contract API that helps businesses manage their contracts and intellectual property in a secure and efficient manner. Our cutting-edge technology ensures digital asset and contract management tools are secure and easy to use. With our API suite, businesses can reduce their costs, enhance their security, and achieve greater efficiency in their transactions, especially those requiring escrow facilities. By using Ricardian contracts, our API ensures that agreement terms are clear and easy to understand, while automated enforcement and better security measures help streamline business processes. Our API also increases accessibility, allowing a wider range of parties to participate in business transactions.

Safe and protected transactions API

Our API ensures safe and secure transactions, providing reliable protection for sensitive information and assets.

Dispute solution

We offer dispute solution services that involve a process or mechanism for resolving conflicts or disagreements between two or more parties. Our services may include mediation, arbitration, or other forms of alternative dispute resolution to provide a fair and efficient way for parties to resolve their differences without the need for costly and time-consuming legal proceedings. Whether it is mandated by a contract or legal agreement or voluntary, we aim to deliver effective and efficient dispute resolution services for our clients.

Suited for

With Vleppo services, creators can rest assured that their work is safe from unauthorized use and copyright infringement. We make it easy for creators to protect their assets and gain the freedom to focus on what they do best: creating.


This service is an extremely affordable and easy way to provide new and existing clients with a means to establish evidence of the creation of their IP and provide protection during the pre-patent period.


This service can be installed on your platform easily as an embed and brand it with your company details as a White Label product.


 Our validation tools and digital asset protection solution help engineering teams prevent unauthorized access to their 3D models, designs, and documents. Our automated solution is easy to use and provides a secure, reliable way to protect 3D models and other digital assets.


Vleppo services provides an easy to use and affordable solution for any architects to establish an
evidentiary record of the creation of their IP in a public place (a permissionless and public Blockchain) which is
immutably date and time stamped.


Ricardian smart contracts provide governments with the ability to reduce costs associated with paper-based contract management systems while still ensuring security and transparency in their operations.


Our service provides an efficient way to manage contracts while also ensuring secure payments and transparency across the supply chain. You can enjoy greater operational efficiencies while reducing costs associated with manual contract management processes.

Builders and supply chain

Ricardian smart contract APIs have become an essential tool for businesses looking to protect their digital assets and ensure smooth transactions. With this technology, businesses can have peace of mind knowing their assets are secure and disputes can be resolved quickly and fairly.

Transport and Logistics

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