To provide anyone, anywhere with equal access to the best digital infrastructure in the world and equip them to compete with and overcome even the largest global business.

Secure payments

Vleppo leverages smart contracts to provide digital escrow capability to businesses and their customers to mitigate risk of non-performance and/or non-payment.

Secure file transactions

Vleppo utilises its Alysides Blockchain to enable files of any size to be securely transferred between two parties without use (and exposure) to the cloud.

Securing digital assets

Vleppo provides a framework for individuals and businesses to register, update, buy/sell, license, transfer, manage and borrow against their digital assets safely and securely via the Blockchain.

What is Vleppo about

Vleppo is a Nordic Tech company based in Odense, Denmark, recognised as a European hot-spot for robotics, data analytics and machine learning.
Vleppo offers simple, user friendly solutions to meet the complex needs of freelancers and businesses.

We do this by harnessing the power of emerging technologies of Blockchain, machine learning and big data. Whether you need a way to manage and unlock the value from your digital assets, create digital contracts, protect against client non-payment, Vleppo has you covered.

Vleppo has specialised in Blockchain development since 2018 focusing on the development of its Alysides Blockchain, a fork of the Komodo Blockchain. In 2019 we were backed by Innovation Fund Denmark (File No. 9077-01122B).

At Vleppo we help business with the following services

The Vleppo platform provides freelancers and businesses with a complete digital solution to manage, monetise and transfer their digital assets, undertake business development activities, create digital smart contracts with their clients complete with in-built escrow and dispute arbitration functionality and obtain credit secured against digital assets or contracts.

The security and flexibility of Vleppo’s Alysides Blockchain provides an excellent foundation for start-ups and existing businesses to cost effectively develop applications for their unique business models. By partnering with Vleppo and leveraging its expertise, businesses can efficiently and rapidly develop, integrate and deploy these applications and shortening time to market.

Vleppo is actively working on solutions to provide market leading valuation methodologies for digital assets. In an increasingly competitive environment the ability to calculate and demonstrate value creation can be a critical competitive advantage over rival freelancers and businesses.

What Our Partners Have to Say

Our private investments are in unique and undiscovered opportunities in Asia and various emerging markets, allowing us to provide investors with above-average returns. We have been identifying investment opportunities that make a positive impact on society since 2007.
Innovation Fund Denmark invests in the development of new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark. The Fund focuses on societal challenges, strengthens research and increases innovation commitment within private companies.
We have been working with Vleppo since 2018. During that time we have watched their Blockchain develop in to an amazing platform, which will definitely make a great difference for Danish businesses.
OpGo has entered the partnership with Vleppo because the problem Vleppo solves is highly interesting, and in the interest of developers like us. Vleppo’s management is passionate about their product and the idea, and we in OpGo believe we are the right company to help them achieve their goals. Our core values are to deliver great software, service and impressive results.