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Get More Out of Your Business With Blockchain

The world is talking about the benefits of Blockchain however taking the first steps in building this technology into your business can be overwhelming and time consuming. With this in mind, Vleppo decided to focus on building best of breed technology with useability front of mind to enable you to get the most out of your business. Success to us looks like you getting maximum value out of your business leveraging Blockchain without really feeling like you are using Blockchain. We have a diverse range of integrated services however our most critical services are:

Secure Contracts

Vleppo leverages smart contracts to provide digital escrow capability to businesses and their customers to mitigate risk of non-performance and/or non-payment.

Secure File Transfers

Vleppo utilises unique functionality available in its Alysides Blockchain to provide military grade secure file transfer capability. Superior security is complemented with the ability to handle extremely large files (+ 1TB).

Secure IP Management

Vleppo provides a framework for individuals and businesses to register, update, buy/sell, license, transfer, manage and borrow against their digital assets safely and securely via the Blockchain.

What Is Vleppo About?

Founded in 2016, Vleppo is a Blockchain Technology company that has not only developed a customised Blockchain but is also building the necessary applications that provide simple, affordable and user friendly solutions to meet the complex needs of freelancers and businesses.

We do this by harnessing the power of emerging technologies of Blockchain, machine learning and big data. Whether you need a way to manage and unlock the value from your digital assets, create digital contracts or protect against client non-payment, Vleppo has you covered.

Vleppo has specialised in Blockchain development since 2018 focusing on the development of its Alysides Blockchain, a fork of the Komodo Blockchain. In 2019 we were backed by Innovation Fund Denmark (File No. 9077-01122B).

Wherever you sit within the company, understanding the future of the digital economy can make the difference between survival and reckoning with extinction. This quiz can give you greater clarity when considering Blockchain for your organisation.

We Have a Solution for Your Business

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)
  • Digital Asset Valuation

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

The Vleppo platform provides freelancers and businesses with a complete digital solution to manage, monetise and transfer their digital assets, undertake business development activities, create digital smart contracts with their clients complete with in-built escrow and dispute arbitration functionality and obtain credit secured against digital assets or contracts.

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

The security and flexibility of Vleppo’s Alysides Blockchain provides an excellent foundation for start-ups and existing businesses to cost effectively develop applications for their unique business models. By partnering with Vleppo and leveraging its expertise, businesses can efficiently and rapidly develop, integrate and deploy these applications thereby shortening time to market and reducing project burn.

Digital Asset Valuation

Vleppo is actively working on solutions to provide market leading valuation methodologies for digital assets. In an increasingly competitive environment the ability to calculate and demonstrate value creation can be a critical competitive advantage over rival freelancers and businesses.

“As a professional banker for 20 years I used to think that I understood the challenges that faced entrepreneurs. That was until I decided to take a step out of the safe corporate world into the real world.

I learned about the real risks and challenges that freelancers and SME’s take operating in a digital environment. I learned how simple things I took for granted like having processes and tools in place to protect yourself and your business are not easily available to entrepreneurs and SME’s.

This simple yet painful lesson was the reason why I founded Vleppo. My passion is to affordably equip every day people with access to the same standard of technology and solutions that are taken for granted by companies with enormous IT budgets.”

Peter Coco
CEO, Vleppo

What Makes Us Unique

  • Ricardian Smart Contracts
  • Enterprise NFTs

Ricardian Smart Contracts

The success (or failure) of any business often comes down to their ability to enter into contracts safely and securely. Vleppo has harnessed Blockchain Technology to deliver a new type of contract that is both legally enforceable and machine executable.

Vleppo’s solution is extremely flexible and offers key features such as a payment escrow system, in-built arbitration mechanism and the ability for the contract to evolve in line with your commercial relationships.

Learn more about Ricardian Smart Contracts opposite.

Enterprise NFTs

Vleppo has been pioneering Non-Fungible Token (NFT) solutions since 2018 during which time identifying a number of issues associated with traditional NFT solutions.

This process has led to the design and development of Enterprise NFT’s (also known as Enterprise Asset Tokens or EATs) which are specifically designed to enable asset creators to update their NFT’s as the underlying digital assets evolve.

This solution is a gamechanger for businesses seeking to tokenise digital assets that are dynamic. For example, a data set that is growing can be tokenised and then the token can be updated to reflect the changes in the underlying dataset. 



Data as an Asset

Businesses large and small have potentially enormous untapped value stored in the data they have within their business. A significant issue that businesses have is their inability to extract this value.

Vleppo’s Enterprise Asset Token (EATs) solution provides a simple and affordable way for these data sets to be tokenised and updated as the data sets grow over time.

Being able to tokenise these data sets using EATs means that any businesses can establish foundations upon which they can monetise their data sets either through issuing of licenses (leveraging Vleppo’s Ricardian Smart Contracts) or potentially obtain credit secured against these data sets.

As we say in Vleppo, every business should EAT.


Contract Management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is an industry similar to the CRM sector which is dominated by a number of very large companies (Salesforce, DocuSign, PandaDoc) with a significant number of smaller companies fiercely competing over the remaining available market.

A small number of existing CLM solutions offer Blockchain capability, however, following careful analysis it becomes clear that not all Blockchains are equal and there is no comparable solution to Vleppo’s.

Vleppo has analysed this market in significant detail and recognised the potentially enormous opportunity for businesses to benefit from a traditional legal contract and smart contract hybrid solution. These types of contracts are referred to as Ricardian Smart Contracts.

Vleppo has pioneered a completely new solution for the CLM industry enabling legally enforceable contracts to be executed online while being able to leverage smart contract capabilities such as escrow, controlled settlement and arbitrator dispute resolution.


Freelancer Tool

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Our private investments are in unique and undiscovered opportunities in Asia and various emerging markets, allowing us to provide investors with above-average returns. We have been identifying investment opportunities that make a positive impact on society since 2007.



Innovation Fund Denmark invests in the development of new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark. The Fund focuses on societal challenges, strengthens research and increases innovation commitment within private companies.

Innovation Fund Denmark


OpGo has entered the partnership with Vleppo because the problem Vleppo solves is highly interesting, and in the interest of developers like us. Vleppo’s management is passionate about their product and the idea, and we in OpGo believe we are the right company to help them achieve their goals. Our core values are to deliver great software, service and impressive results.




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