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Patenting has never been so easy with Vleppo!

Vleppo’s V-Notary Patent Service provides an easy to use and affordable solution for any creator to establish an
evidentiary record of the creation of their IP in a public place (a permissionless and public Blockchain) which is
immutably date and time stamped.
Once this record is created, the creator can rest assured that while they don’t yet have full patent protection
(only obtainable through formal patenting processes) they do have evidence to pursue their commercial rights
should any infringements occur during disclosure to customers, investors or other third parties

What we have to offer

V-Notary Patent Service

In a digital world, we understand more than ever the importance of digital tools for successful and efficient legal firms.

Saving money and/or driving efficiencies is only half the story of LawTech. Technology can deliver alternative revenue streams and client acquisition opportunities that can complement a legal firm’s existing business. V-Notary is a low risk, high impact and innovative way to deliver real value to your clients without increasing staff.

An easy and affordable implementation on your website
Your firm can install this software on your website easily as an embed and brand it with your company details as a White Label product. Alternatively, Vleppo can assist with installation.
Provide existing and new clients with immediate value
This service is an extremely affordable and easy way to provide new and existing clients with a means to establish evidence of the creation of their IP and provide protection during the pre-patent period.
Establish a point of difference to your rivals while demonstraing blockchain capability
The V-Notary Patent Service provides your business with Blockchain capability without having to change your operating model (the PR and brand value alone being significantly greater than the cost).
Generate new client leads while earning passive income
This service provides significant value to any individual, SME or enterprise in assisting with the protection of pre-patentable or non-patentable IP. By leveraging this service, your firm can acquire new customers, accelerate discussions about IP strategy and deliver passive income to your firm. All of this is achieved without having to increase your cost line or change your operating model.

First Mover

$ 899 /Year
  • Make a one time payment to secure an exclusive 6mth license for V-Notary in your city with free implementation.

How does V-Notary Patent Service work?

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