Create, E-sign & Send files with the Vleppo app

Make your legal agreement valid in an all-in-one app with a legally binding esignature, file transfer, escrow payment and linked contract dispute tracking just in a few clicks.

Say goodbye to lots of different virtual tools. Get everything you need in one app.

Download, Upload, Sign, Send and Protect

Stop switching from one to another virtual service or program to make your legal agreements and share files.

Create your contract and discuss it with your party in a chat.
Get payment sorted within escrow, and send your final work done by P2P file sharing System. 

Modify your work with the Contract Management System all-in-one app.

Vleppo CMS

Manage your contracts

Vleppo’s Contract Management System (CMS) gives you an easy-to-use, innovative, and cost-efficient way to manage your contracts. Our system supports you throughout the entire contract lifecycle, from creating your legal agreements and secure transfer to the e-signing of your documents. 

Vleppo P2P

Send any files

Virtually unlimited File Transfer up to 100GB, secured by Blockchain service.
Keep your transfer under control. 
Send your files securely at the time you set them. You can cancel the transfer at any time. Your files will not be uploaded or stored on the server. We will also let you know once the file is delivered.

V-Notary Vleppo

Protect your intellectual property

IP Registration service: register ownership of an idea at the point of conception and use V-Notary to protect your interests.

You choose, we solve

Vleppo offers Solutions for both Solopreneurs & Enterprises that are focused on integrated feature sets for P2P File Transfer, Contract Management and protecting your ideas.

Make your legal agreements valid and enforceable, and contract quickly within a few clicks, communicate online with the parties involved.

Contract Management System supports solopreneurs and enterprises, providing a solution to think about business more!

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Vleppo is the leading provider of Digital Transformation enablement technologies including Blockchain based P2P File Transfer, Contract Management System (CMS), and IP protection.

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