Odense, Denmark, 19 August 2022: Today, Vleppo, a Danish blockchain technology company successfully launched the V-Notary Patent Service – a solution for legal firms to help their clients to protect their ideas.

Generally, it’s impossible to patent just an idea however with V-Notary Patent Service by Vleppo ownership of an idea can be registered at the point of conception establishing evidence enabling ownership rights to be enforceable in the future.

This service is ground-breaking as it can be easily embedded into a legal firm’s landing page and provide existing and new clients with a way to secure their ownership of non-patentable IP (such as trade secrets) or as a prelude to the patent process.

Blockchain technology is already a hot topic and the daily press coverage of innovations in this space means that public awareness of Blockchain continues to grow.

This increasing attention is absolutely justified because of the potential for Blockchain to dramatically change the way the world works.

Some people think of Blockchain Technology only in terms of cryptocurrency or NFT speculation to achieve enormous returns that traditional financial markets can’t deliver.

But this is just drop in the ocean when you consider the true potential of Blockchain. The truth is that Blockchain Technology allows you to build systems that are highly secured, empower you to manage and monetize your data and provide you with a better solution to enhance the quality and efficiency of your digital products.

V-Notary is a great practical example of Blockchain Technology delivering real value to real people. It leverages our own blockchain (Alysides), which is used for specific purposes such as system security and data control.

For legal firms, this is a new, fully secure and effective tool for attracting startups, developers and freelancers as new clients. V-Notary Patent Service is also a way to generate passive income in the same way as installing a vending machine. We set it up for you and you simply make your existing and potential clients aware of it.

V-Notary was recently implemented at Belkovy Law Firm so you can go there and take it for a test drive.

About Vleppo.

Founded in 2018, a Web3 business solutions application has been focused on developing a Blockchain-integrated suite of business tools for freelancers, SMEs, and enterprises. More information is available from www.vleppo.com.


Peter Coco
CEO and Founder of Vleppo ApS
Telephone: +380503161600
Telegram: @PeterCoco

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