Searching for a better way to transfer files while protecting your work?

Vleppo Desktop enables you to share files of any size or type, in the fastest and most secure manner.

It also allows you to link the transfer to your contracts, and protect the intellectual property of all parties.

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Integrated & transparent file transfer

The Vleppo Desktop enables simple, secure, and transparent file transfers with integrated memos & chat. It also provides the option to create and / or link your file transfers tocontracts while protecting your
Intellectual Property. 

Say goodbye to file size limitations

File transfers are sent directly to your clients & collaborators, eliminating the file size limitations and cost of cloud storage.  

Transfer large files with ease

The Vleppo Desktop app makes it easy to transfer files directly to your clients, avoiding expensive cloud storage. Upload your large video files and send them directly to your contributors and clients. With the Vleppo Desktop app, you will be sure that your files are securely sent to your intended parties.

Link to contracts & protect your IP

File transfer needn’t be a cumbersome, isolated event. Link your file transfers and contracts while protecting the Intellectual Property and know-how of all parties. Have the option to establish dispute mediation, escrow payments based on milestones, and more! 


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Vleppo is the leading provider of Digital Transformation enablement technologies including Blockchain based P2P File Transfer, Contract Management System (CMS), and IP protection.

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