Vleppo And Allele Collaborate To Enable Monetization Of Cannabis Ip Using Polygon And Komodo

Bloomberg write about usYahoo about us ODENSE, DENMARK / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2022 / Today, Vleppo, a Danish blockchain technology company, and Allele Group (“Allele”), a US plant genome biotech company, are excited to announce they have successfully demonstrated how cannabis producers can establish, enforce, and monetize their plant IP easily and affordably. Both companies […]

Centralization is easy – but is it good?

NFT sales hit 12-month low after cryptocurrency crash | Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) | The Guardian NFT sales have almost returned to pre-July 2021 levels after a breathtaking (albeit short) period of speculation. As seen in the article, ‘Blue Chip’ NFTs appear to have held their value to some extent however it appears the demand for […]

Is your Organisation Blockchain Ready?

We’ve developed a quiz to ask you this very question… You don’t have to own the business to do this quiz. You might be; in the innovation team, part of the digital transformation team, techie in the ICT team, an executive who is wondering what you can put forward to take your organisation into the […]