Contract Management System (CMS)

Vleppo’s Contract Management System (CMS) gives you an easy to use, innovative, and cost-efficient way to manage your contracts. Our system supports you throughout the entire contract lifecycle, everything from creation of your contracts and secure transfer through to e-signing of your documents.

Leveraging our customized Blockchain (Alysides), Vleppo can offer escrow services, mediation and dispute resolution capabilities that other CMS providers simply can’t. In this way, our CMS can meet all of your contract needs, all in one place.

All the standard features of a CMS (e-signature, document editor etc.) in addition to the below Blockchain enabled functions.

Escrow: Managing counterparty credit risk
Dispute Management: Mediation and dispute resolution
Milestone Contract Management: Ability to agree and schedule milestone payments
Contingency Risk Management: Ability for parties to Master Contracts to monitor disputes occurring in Sub-contracts and manage risks in real time (particularly useful in complex construction and software development contracts)

P2P File Transfer

Moving large files securely and affordably is still a major hassle today. Increasingly restrictive legislation governing where data can be held and managed makes things even more complex. You need to be able to focus on things other than how to get something from Point A to Point B. That’s where Vleppo comes in. 

Using our file transfer system, you can easily transfer files without worrying about file size or type limitations and with the confidence of knowing they have top-shelf security. No man-in-the-middle attacks. No nasty regulatory surprises. No large bills every month.


In today’s digital world, every business has some form of Intellectual Property (IP) ranging from trade secrets through to data. This IP often represents a significant amount of the intrinsic value of a business, however, it is often difficult to manage and especially to monetize.  

V-Notary is an easy way to register the ownership of this IP into the Blockchain. In this way, businesses can use this record as evidence to enforce their rights but also as a reference for contracts such as NDAs and license agreements.

Three Business Cases for V-Notary