Death is life reformed, and with The Tower, they aim to breathe new life into your veins and excel you into your future of excitement. The Tower and Temperance represent the yin and yang of change. It looks likely to be a while before peace resumes. Life: Fateful moments, being fair, needing to act fast, Love: Consequences of your actions being revealed, karmic moments, needing to be prepared for potential surprise or shock, Career: Fairness in work showing great strength and impartiality, efforts being paid off, laziness being noted, Health: Reaping what you sow, treating your body and mind fairly. There are many paths to take, and each may show promise. The Tower and the Ace of Wands force you out of stagnation and into a fresh new dawn whether you like it or not. Got questions? The tarot deck has four suits of cards that describe the fundamental ways in which we all take in experiences: thought, feeling, creativity, and material reality. As a result of cold behaviour, you are running into a sudden battle ground. Pleasure-seeking may mean you are pursuing a life of selfishness at the core. Nothing lasts forever, and if you can overcome these obstacles that prevent the usual serenity from occurring, you will be fine. Its hard to tell if your karmic heart has directed you to a place of positivity or negativity, but when these cards meet, change in some form is certain. The clouds surrounding these cups, and above them and representing you, are akin to having your own head in the clouds, living in some sort of dream world. Life: One final battle, needing patience, strength, courage, Love: A potential talk with a loved one, clearing the air, recognising your faults, Career: Deadlines looming, asked to work late or overtime, wrapping up projects, Health: Undertaking tests, possible reflection on past bad habits, seeking help or support from a professional. Career: Career changing rapidly, sudden exams or courses in work, Health: Suddenly needing to see a doctor, snap decision to be fitter and learn wellness, lots of energy. Youve got the energy and drive to proceed with your dreams, and as you are thrust into the light, you take the world on with your creative spark. The Tower and the Knight of Swords move faster than most can handle. Make sure you select correct rotation - upright / reversed or even general type . When The Seven of Cups is in the past position, its an indicator that your pursuits of pleasure have brought you to where you are today. They represent the importance of stepping back from a situation to gather your mind and body. Life: Money issues, surprising news, loss in finances, Love: Break up and likely dividing assets, lack of affection, loss of support, Career: Sudden change or loss in job, demotion or redundancy, pay cut, Health: Unable to exercise, lack of support in your health endeavours, not feeling motivated. Tomorrow's Moon Phase, Reference The Tower and the Ace of Pentacles bring forth a sudden improvement in your career and financial prospects. As it represents a strong sense of indecision, this tarot card urges you to truly connect with your intuition and follow your heart. This is the card for thieves. Five of Wands > The Devil: Competing forces may get out of hand and take a more serious turn. Read the meaning each of Tarot card in a pair to understand the full interpretation. Life: Moving fast, not always thinking sensibly, rarely planning, Love: Forgetful with important dates, means well, consequences of not being thoughtful, Career: Disorganisation leading to meetings, good decisions but time not planned well, Health: Doing too much too soon, not thinking sensibly, possible injury. The Hermit and the Seven Of Cups are asking you to stop and think carefully about the choices afore you. Somebody or something requires your immediate attention. Courageous and heroic, you can approach any emergency with gusto. The Tower and the Four of Wands call upon you to take a sudden trip home there may be news awaiting! While specific cards may be linked to genders associated with the card meaning or artwork, the underlying gender of the Seven of Cups based on the Cups suit alone is female.. Because these two cards have an underlying association to the female . While individual cards may take genders associated with the card meaning or artwork, the underlying gender of the Seven of Cups based on the Cups suit alone is female.. Because both cards in this pairing have an underlying association to . It's a lot like gasoline. The Tower and Strength together show us how chaos can be met with compassion and patience. Each will have its pros and cons its up to you to make sure that the option you select is in alignment with your purpose and your Highest Good even if you feel somewhat paralysed by the options available to you. Love this deck?Buy The Biddy Tarot Deck Now! Everything you have is inside of you, and if you can weather the storm with a calm manner, the world is your oyster. Self-Destruction: When paired with The Nine of Pentacles, your attempt to keep up with the Joneses has a self-destructive side as you go into further debt to keep up appearances. The Tower and Death are two of the most powerful cards to meet in the entire tarot deck. Nothing shifts your thought trail like a headstrong soul. Life: Financial loans, your time needed, call to help, Love: Commitment that needs money such as a wedding, buying a house together, Career: Investing heavily into a business or job, requiring a loan, Health: Needing to make time for your health, potentially investing in products or services that will help you. Time is of the essence with you, and you handle it well. The world is offering you exciting opportunities and very suddenly as well. It doesn't get any easier. Choices need to be made, but in doing so, you must go beyond illusion and allure, and instead focus on whats right for you. Seven of Cups's Meaning. You may find that your ideas are not grounded in reality. Life: Needing to make a speedy choice, surprising consequences, Love: Decisions in love needed, potential crossroads and uncertainty, Career: Unsure of your next move, not wanting change, job under threat, Health: Feeling unwell, needing to create healthy options, using your time wisely. Getting caught up in the day to day grind can seem never ending. The Tower, a Major Arcana card, is more likely to deal with noteworthy or overarching issues in your reading. Seven of Cups > The Devil: Like catnip, so many temptations . Life: Choices, . The Magician is a card associated with illusions, and if it appears in a reading with The Seven of Cups, you might be the person who is tempting others by manipulating their desires. The Tower. Whilst it seems scary to face a challenge, if you approach it was balance and calm, you will much more likely succeed. With too much on offer, you can create your own chaos unless you think sensibly and use your heart. Add Practical Magic to Your Tarot Readings. Are you after the material gains represented by the castle, the beauty represented by the jewelry, or the power of life and death itself, as defined by the raised body? The Tower and the Page of Wands seek thrilling and exciting adventures together. Life: Emergency money being spent, somebody needing a loan, Love: Financial woes causing much stress, overspending for an occasion, jealousy with money, Career: Going over budget, needing to protect assets, shares and stocks, Health: Refusal to see the benefits of healthier living, bad habits taking over. In these moments it is important to remember the good in our lives so that we can focus on balancing our state of mind. If you pull this card in response to an answer, its a wise to pull clarifications cards or take a step back from the situation and give it time to clear your head before making a choice. With destruction surrounding you, youre unlikely to crumble and will instead rise high. All Rights Reserved. Irresponsibility: When The Seven of Cups is in the same reading as The Sun, someone else is paying the bills, and you are taking full advantage of having a second childhood with few foreseeable consequences. They represent uncertainty and delay in situations. Youve no time to play silly games, when all this bedlam surrounds you. I seldom see the Tower indicating really good things, though. The Tower and the Two of Wands together prepare you for something big that is about to happen. Dont be fooled that having options is a good thing. Life is tough, but so are you. You dont always know best even though you might like to think you do. The Tower and the Six of Wands represent a surprise amount of success coming your way and it is all down to your hard work! What is the overall energy of my current situation? The tarot card depicts that everyone in life needs to make some choices. JavaScript is disabled. You need to ensure you meet your deadlines. Life: Pleasant news, possible offers, much needed positivity, Love: Open to emotions, displays of love, possible proposal, Career: New ideas circulating, responsible for good results, warm and welcoming colleague, Health: Good morals surrounding health, strong desire to try something new. Wow, great interpretations! The Seven of Cups may be a sign of shiny object syndrome, where you keep finding the next big thing but fail to see any of those new opportunities through to the end. . The cups before him float atop clouds and are each filled with something different. The Tower and Eight of Swords want to show you all the powerful and wonderful changes that can occur when we no longer victimize ourselves. The Star - hope, faith, purpose, spirituality . This reading is excellent for answering questions about love and relationships. Seven of Swords tarot card denotes someone is moving forward in less than honourable ways. Select one of combination to see what it means . For feelings, would you see this as someone being completely blown away with no explanation? We ill prepare for perilous times, but it is from these we learn our greatest lessons in life. If you see this card in a reading, its imperative you are in a healthy place to make a good decision. The Tower and The Emperor create a different kind of energy, together representing a falling plan or structure that may have once seemed ideal. The Tower and the Nine of Pentacles represent your fruits being needed in a very sudden way. (For a more detailed description of the Tower visit the Tower card interpretation page.). (For a more detailed description of the Seven of Cups visit the Seven of Cups card interpretation page.). The cards may be relevant to one another on several levels including astrological associations, elemental associations and more. The card shows person with their back turned towards us, contemplating 7 images that are creeping out of the cups, all of which are floating in the clouds. Youve seen better days and you are stuck in grief. Its a favorable time for furthering your training and education as well. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, Intuitive Tarot: 31 Days to Learn to Read Tarot Cards and Develop Your Intuition, The Tarot Readers Blueprint for Attracting Clients. Put out into the world what you wish to receive and it is yours for the taking. Put it in your tank, and 15 gallons will take you from New York City to Philadelphia with enough gas left to explore the city. He is resting his body weight on his hands on the tool with its blade head set deep in the tilled soil at his feet. The Tower and The Moon represent fear amongst change. Unfortunately, the 7 of cups is a neutral card, not suggesting a clear yes or no answer. Love: Sudden decisions,possible commitment, challenges in talking, Career: Surprising job offer, promotion, out of comfort zone, Health: Pushed to the limit, transformation in health, huge changes. A cards meaning changes based on its location in a reading including whether or not its upright or reversed. Life: Asserting boundaries, dealing well with stress, focused during chaotic times, Love: Pushing people away, heart of ice, not interested in seeking love, Career: Assertive, professional, confident under pressure, Health: Determined to succeed and meet your goals, driven, sometimes forgets to breathe and find calm. Life: Reflection, evaluation, searching for meaning, Love: Wanting to be appreciated, a shift in dynamics, questioning your worth, Career: Feeling unappreciated, searching for a change in career or position, Health: Reeling in the consequences of overindulgence, potential disruptions in sleep. The Tower and the Five of Cups signals loss, in its purest form. This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. As plan, they may need to be changed at the last minute. The simplest way to think about the Tower is that it points to: Chaos, upheaval, sudden change and revelation. Privacy Policy. Manipulation: The Magician is a card associated with illusions, and if it appears in a reading with The Seven of Cups, you might be the person who is tempting others by manipulating their desires. The Tower and four of Pentacles warn you to guard your assets with your life, because something big is coming. It's hard to say without more information on surrounding cards. Accepting each other just as you are, without judgment, will lead to new levels of understanding and deeper commitment. The Seven of Pentacles is the card that shows up in the Tarot readings of those pondering a change in their life's direction. Privacy Policy. The combination of these two cards suggests a sudden upheaval or disruption in one's life, which may require an individual to make difficult decisions and choices. Reduce your options and focus on what is important to you. Also: An accident or collapse of some kind. The Tower, a Major Arcana card, is more likely to deal with noteworthy or overarching issues in your reading. His hand is extended as if in distress over which option to choose. Life: Strong head on shoulders, confident thinker, making progress, Love: Moving forward together, possible reconciliation, enjoying time together, Career: Potential travel for work, mobile job, growing business, Health: Fresh commitments, keeping to your word, fitness such as running or cycling. Either youre refusing to decide on something, or you feel as though youre at a dead end with no resolution in sight. Instead, choose to allow the moons mystical illumination to guide you to safety. Exciting changes can be born from a past of frantic events, and you are first in line. Sevens are not considered unwelcome in a spread, but they do bring some sort of obstacle with them. With a curious heart, you can sustain the fast changing pace of life that currently resides with you. A Keen advisor can help you navigate the roadblocks that are preventing you from feeling balanced. . You are using an out of date browser. If you need to rest, rest. The Seven of Cups is a card that appears in tarot readings when what you desire has no connection with your ability to get it or when temptation offers temporary pleasures that could bring permanent damage. You dont have to be rushed into something or settle if youre not comfortable with it. The Tower - sudden change, upheaval, chaos. You are prone to illusion and unrealistic ideals. Something big is coming your way, and I want you to be prepared for such a change. Although chaos ensues, new beginnings come of it. You are moving. Life: Awakening, spiritual change, learning and growth, Love: Leaving unhealthy relations, seeking a better life for yourself, realisation, Career: Quitting your job, setting u your own business or seeking better employment, Health: Breaking out of your comfort zone, saying yes to what once intimidated you, improvements in health. Have you tried iFate's award-winning free tarot readings?Click here to try a free reading and over 20 amazing tarot spreads. The Tower and the Six of Pentacles Cause disruption where money grows. You usually like and work towards a certain status quo but sometimes, just sometimes, things dont go the way you plan. Could the 7/cups soften the blow of the Tower. They want to shake and shift you away from creatures of habit in favour of a new direction. The Tower and the King of Cups represent struggling times embedded with a harmonious light. These combinations was noticed and clearified by practise in many years which contains special meaning in various situations . Your house is abuzz with constant activity. Life: Helping others suddenly, possible emergency, a great leader, Love: Taking charge of issues, wanting o be productive, positive changes, Career: Persevering, difficult job choices, being challenged, Health: Knowing what needs to be done, fixing ongoing injuries, seeking help in ailments. A man stands at his vineyard with his hands folded on the tip of the pole of his spade. Life: Wisdom in adversity, sensible approach, seeing the good in bad, Love: The voice of reason during arguments, allowing storms to pass, putting love before ego, Career: Great problem solving, stress rolls off your shoulders, approached well by your colleagues, Health: Patient in your goals, achieving and seeing results, not letting little bumps in the road hold you back. The Devil Tarot Card Combinations. JavaScript is disabled. Of course, if you didnt put yourself there in the first place, you wouldnt need to get out. Life: Pausing to reflect, using our knowledge and skills to avert chaos, Love: Not making rash decisions, thinking about what to do next, creating good energy for yourself, Career: Checking and rechecking your work, using your skills wisely, avoiding gossip or heated discussions where possible, Health: Making quiet improvements, seeking clarity in new ways of living. They seem as though they are mourning an old way, but instead they celebrate your strength of moving on from what no longer serves you. Seven of Cups Tarot Card Description. Book a Seven Cups tarot session with one of our experienced tarot readers and get your life back on track. Copyright 1996 - 2022 Aeclectic Tarot. Life: Planning, plans changing, things not going as they should, Love: Unexpected news, a new path, either alone or with a soul, potential surprise holiday, Career: Slow progress, feeling impatient, planned projects, Health: Planning meals, potentially finding new recipes to soothe ailments, improving health. In the present position, the Seven of Cups card indicates that you are being sidetracked by desire instead of staying the course in a healthy relationship or ongoing project. If the card is reversed, timing will be slightly longer - so 9 to 10 months. The Tower and the Queen of Pentacles represent a shake up in your home life. The Tower and The Chariot represent an extremely fast paced change that seldom few are prepared for. Life: Feeling weak, huge change, walking away from negativity, Love: Leaving a toxic partner, bravery, putting yourself first, Career: Changing jobs to a less stressed pace, admitting you are in the wrong job, seeking a different career, Health: Giving up bad habits, finding healthier ways to live, new hobby such as meditation or jogging. Each cup is filled with a different illusion. A. with many cards from the suit of Cups is about emotions. User our contact form to introduce yourself.And please read our ESG statement too. The clouds and the cups symbolise the mans wishes and dreams, and the different gifts inside suggest that you need to be careful what you wish for as not everything is as it seems. The illusions have ended. Perhaps you need to let things fall apart a little. Just when you think everything is gliding along smoothly, a reminder that nobody and nothing is invincible rocks your world. But others hold gifts that are not gifts at all; instead, they are curses, such as the snake or dragon. Alternatively, endless obstacles could get the better of you. Have you tried iFate's award-winning free tarot readings?Click here to try one of over 20 different tarot readings now. The Seven of Cups is definitely a character-building card. You must listen to your heart. About us. The Tower on the other hand, is connected with the ruling planet Mars, and not directly associated with a zodiac sign like the Seven of Cups. Whilst we can clash from time to time, it is important to allow others to use their voice, If you speak and speak alone, you will find yourself alone as a result. The Hermit and Seven Of Cups. Details. It removes illusions and opens up new doors. Life: Authoritative change, official upheaval, needing to be strict, Love: A strong soul leaving or entering your life suddenly, stability being rocked, Career: Plans shifting, changing or implementing new rules, unexpected work load, Health: Being strict with yourself, sticking to a routine, being advised to work on improving your health. In the Seven of Cups, a man stands before seven cups filled with various gifts. You may not feel ready, but you are. The Tower and the Five of Pentacles tell of lost fortune and fame. The Tower and the Two of Cups sees a crazy era of love entering your life, exactly when you expect it the least. The Tower and The World represent the realisation the notion that you are in charge of your glorious path ahead! - You get to decide if they are good or bad. The Tower and the King of Swords do not falter in their judgement. Rune Meanings Click here to try one of over 20 different tarot readings now. Justice upright AND Eight of Wands upright. You are that soul, and you are moving mountains with your desires. The Tower and The Ace of Swords take a chaotic turn for the better as new beginnings dawn in your horizon. Read the meaning each of Tarot card in a pair to understand the full interpretation. Lets take a closer look at what that means should Seven of Cups appear in your tarot spread. Details. The Seven of Cups And The Two of Wands Tarot Cards Together The Seven of Cups and The Two of Wands compared The Two of Wands is also called The Two of Rods or The Two of Staves in some tarot decks. Looking deeper into your soul and result in great cosmic shifts that you should prepare for. Life: Fast change, energetic shift, potential travel, Love: News that will shock you, possible commitment or break up, emotional upheaval, Career: Company or office restructure, potential travelling for work, Health: Warning to not overdo physical activity, balance your mental and physical health. Tarot eBooks. Or you might wish for a successful business fuelled by passive income, but youre not ready and willing to put in the hard work now to enjoy the fruits of your labour later. Life: Questioning your faith or beliefs, needing unity, seeking energy, Love: Shocking news, new ways to love and be loved, unconventional love, Career: New systems at work, a new boss, shake up in dynamics, Health: Exploring alternative diets, seeking different fitness approaches. A project fueled by ambition and ego or a status symbol. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Seven of Cups Tarot card meaning is that one should always be careful of what they wish as not everything is as rosy as it looks. Seven of Wands > The Devil: Can indicate rigid or extreme views, intolerance and unyielding. A solid pairing can be a cause for concern in you have many questions to ask yourself. Upright and reversed meanings of Tarot cards The Tower and Seven of Cups together in readings of situation, future, love/relationship, finance and career. Your plans might sound fabulous in your imagination, but when it comes to implementing them, you may realise they do not work in the real world. Place the 7 of Cups Card at the top of your spread face up and then pull 6 more cards, placing them in a row below the 7 of cups. Sure, you can move at a rapid rate, but is that always wise? But be careful! Wht you discover about yourself in this time is that you are more than capable of running into a brand new day with gumption and focus. The Tower and Judgement call on you to reflect on everything that has led you to this moment. When a tarot reading commences, the cards are all placed in specific areas based on when they are pulled from the deck. This is also optional. The positions are "You", "Your Partner" and "The Outlook". The Tower and Five of Wands represent a period of conflict that you are entering. Life: Financial loss, career in trouble, lifestyle burden, Love: Sudden loss, regret, painful break ups, Career: Job loss or redundancy, business going bust, willingness to be open minded, Health: Depressive moods causing bad decisions, possible addiction from stress, low points mentally and physically. Upright and reversed meanings of Tarot cards Seven of Cups and The Tower together in readings of situation, future, love/relationship, finance and career. . Your standards are yours alone. The Seven of Cups reversed turns daydreams into procrastination and illusions, lies and denial. The Suit of Cups is mostly associated with the female gender. They walk alongside each other but rarely compliment your current situation. These positions represent your past, your present, and your future. Love: Too much arguing, mistrust leading to broken relations, repeating the past. Riches, golds, opportunities fill each of the seven cups; something different in each one. When the card is reversed, the crucial terms include alignment, personal values, and being overwhelmed by choices. STEP 3: Set a time limit (15-20 minutes is ideal). STEP 4: Once the time is up, have the kids measure the tower (s). Privacy and Terms. The 7 of cups Tarot represents a temptation for materialistic objects, over-imagination, wishful thinking, and fantasies. Life: Sudden heartache, loss, negative uncertainty, Love: Heartbreaking news, possible infidelity, sudden loss or break up, Career: Feeling lost, unsure what you want to do, lack of action, Health: Tired, mentally and physically exhausted, possible need to see a doctor. I believe it is just what you need in order to get to the next chapter. We can pause and reflect, but when too much happens at once, it is hard to see a way out. Female + Female. Gender associations and the Seven of Cups combined with the Nine of Cups. You may feel spread thin and exhausted when it comes to family and home life. The Tower and The Sun represent a force to be reckoned with. Life: The sudden need to connect to your intuition, taking immediate action, Love: Seeking brave new ways to love, huge change in what you manifest, Career: Shifts at work that motivate you, chaos that works in your favour, Health: The sudden desire to gain health and vitality, new plans. Take a deep breath. What may look fun and tempting is seldom as enjoyable as it seems, and yet the cost is often higher in personal suffering than we ever imagined. The Seven of Cups is associated with opportunities, choices, wishful thinking, and illusion. Like a lightning bolt from a clear sky, a major turbulence of life suddenly hits you out of nowhere. Hint: Incorporate extra math in this step! Life at home may be hectic right now. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. iFate uses the most generally accepted Yes or No values, but different systems exist which may conflict with this one. Erase those negative thoughts and you can be catapulted into a fine new life of exploration and happiness. Its possible that you are tempted to continue on a current path out of self-interest. The tarot deck has four suits of cards that describe the fundamental ways in which we all take in experiences: thought, feeling, creativity, and material reality. Life: Fast pace, thrill seeking, taking chances, lots of risk, Love: Seeking love in unconventional ways, Meeting someone usually not your type, possible travel for long distance love, Career: Stepping up the ladder, achieving success, taking chances, Health: Setting hard goals, getting your health check up, listening to advice. The Tower and the Three of Swords do not come together in happiness. 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