Is your Organisation Blockchain Ready?

We’ve developed a quiz to ask you this very question…

You don’t have to own the business to do this quiz. You might be;

  • in the innovation team,
  • part of the digital transformation team,
  • techie in the ICT team,
  • an executive who is wondering what you can put forward to take your organisation into the embraced digital integration economy.

Wherever you sit within the company, understanding the future of the digital economy can make the difference between survival and reckoning with extinction.

If you were to guess, would you say your organisation might be a:




   This is what we know…

  • Organisations proactive in developing strategy and planning for the integration of digital technology will thrive and succeed over the coming years.
  • Executives need to be ready for the pending transformation of the digital economy towards a safe, secure, transparent decentralised system.
  • Blockchain, or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), will support every aspect of your organisation from intellectual property, contracts, supply chain, communications and value transactions. **Good for mitigating challenges or disputes, especially of a legal nature.
  • Blockchain, or DLT, can enhance your operations and success through ensuring all interactions of importance is captured in a system where it can not be tampered with, hacked, or used for ransom. **That sounds pretty important to us!

In an ever-increasing world of cyber security concern, Blockchain can be used for any level of detail to be retained by the organisation in perpetuity. Including intellectual property built within the organisation, legally binding contracts, supply chain operations, communications internally and externally, value transaction register and file sharing.

Imagine the substantial level transparency, security and protection for both individuals, institutions and government by using blockchain or DLT in legacy-based sectors working with archaic technology like education or health care.

So, if you are seeking to understand your ‘readiness scale’ for blockchain implementation, you can click on the link below and begin the quiz.

Once you have finished you will have the option to grab our factsheet with 3 tips to take you to the next level in your blockchain journey, and 3 steps on what to do next to elevate your blockchain game.

If you are eager to know more you can;

  • Use our ready made, tried and tested, business case template to begin building your business case towards navigating the consideration and implementation of blockchain within your organisation.
  • Also, we know you can’t do it alone… so you can use us! Talk directly with our team, ask them the questions you need to get you kickstarted towards a blockchain digital world. There’s no commitment, so you can discover with our experts what you may need to move forward to answer some of the pesky questions you can’t readily google.

We are experts in being able to provide corporations, organisations and businesses foundational infrastructure to thrive in the digital economy.

As organisations navigate through the ocean of digital technology, transparency for organisations become imperative in order to maintain operations – from the major stock exchange listed organisations with shareholders to appease, right down to the small business operator’s clientele seeking to know their buying and supply chain practices. We know, firsthand, organisations who move quickly with strategy and planning to support their digital transformation will have the ability to leverage their sector and increase or maintain their market share.

If you have already decided your organisation needs blockchain or you want to jump ahead and chat with the team or begin putting together your business case, you can:

Author: Peter Coco, CEO Vleppo

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