Best Contract Management solution for businesses in all-in-one app

Organization of contract workflow is always an essential issue for a growing business.

Businesses must focus on generating profits and closing deals quickly and effectively. However, the process of manually negotiating and discussing all clauses of contracts by small legal teams is often a bottleneck in sales operations.


The benefits of a Contract Management System to streamline your business – everything you need for automated contract flow in one place to increase the efficiency of the legal side: contracts creation, editing, esignature, chat with the party, contacts book, virtually unlimited file transfer, patent service, possibly to attach as many as needed following docs to the legal agreement.

Virtually unlimited file transfer

Peer-2-Peer is the first file-sharing system with no limitations on file types up to 100GB.

Using our file transfer system, you can quickly transfer files without worrying about type limitations, up to 100GB and with the confidence of knowing they have top-shelf security. No man-in-the-middle attacks. No nasty regulatory surprises. No large bills every month. 

The fastest way to share your work with a client is in an all-in-one app.

Keep your transfer under control.

Got an idea? Protect it!

It is quickly done with Vleppo V-Notary – the safest way to protect your intellectual property.

Vleppo V-Notary Patent Service enables anyone to register and own any digital file in the Blockchain.

The easy solution for data and document notarisation in Blockchain, with legal validity in just a few clicks. Generally, it’s impossible to patent just an idea. Still, with our V-Notary Patent Service, you can register ownership of an idea at the point of conception and use V-Notary to protect your interests.Using the V-Notary Patent Service, you can protect your intellectual property.

Secure contract creation

The Contract Management solution by Vleppo is designed to help you with the entire contract workflow.
Keep all your contracts in one place without many versions in word and lengthy emails to make changes by each party.

Create your contract and discuss it with your party in a chat. Get payment sorted within escrow, and send your final work done by P2P file sharing System.

The Contract Management System supports you through the entire contract workflow.

You choose, we solve

Vleppo will provide you with the best-in-class contract management solution with unique features by Blockchain service. Create a complex contract with different milestones, a procurement contract or a commercial and have your sensitive data fully secured. The linking mechanism enables early warning of issues within a contract hierarchy and provides management with near real-time ability to address issues. CMS is a comprehensive solution to handle contract management, data integrity and dispute management issues.

Business applications that benefit from the security, trust and distributed ledger from Blockchain.


patent your ideas
chat in an app

How to start?

Everything is quick and easy with Vleppo.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide for you so that you can effectively use Vleepo tools for your work.

Have a look at the User Guide or videos to have an easy Vleppo journey.


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Vleppo is the leading provider of Digital Transformation enablement technologies including Blockchain based P2P File Transfer, Contract Management System (CMS), and IP protection.

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