Vleppo digital timestamps

At Vleppo we create TSA and GDPR compliant time stamps for QR codes used in supply chains. These time stamps maintain data integrity and security while adhering to regulatory standards. Our compliant time stamps enable businesses to enhance the traceability, transparency, and quality control of their supply chain operations, ensuring data privacy and legal compliance.

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Local processing

SHA 256

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Benefits in supply chains

QR codes offer several benefits in supply chain management, including improved traceability, enhanced efficiency, increased transparency, and better quality control.

They create unique identifiers, streamline processes, track safety checks and quality control, and provide easy access to information. As a cost-effective and efficient solution, they can help businesses optimize their supply chain operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Processing files locally

Processing files locally in the browser enhances security, minimizes data transfer and risk of breaches, and offers a responsive user experience with client-side technologies.

Protect your content using encryption

SHA-256 creates a unique “fingerprint” of data, making it hard to alter data without detection. It’s used in security applications to verify digital signatures, authenticate messages, and hash passwords.

Implement everywhere

QR codes store and retrieve information, readable by mobile cameras, and generated using software. They can be printed or displayed, making them popular due to their convenience and versatility.