Vleppo Contract Management System

Our contract management system is the perfect tool for your contract management needs. Our system assists you in every step of the way, from editing to transferring to signing.

Pricing starts at US$ 9.99/month pr. user. But try it out for free by clicking below below!


Our system is with you to support you through your complete contract lifecycle management.


We utilize blockchain technology to enhance the power of our service, increasing value, reducing costs, and heightening security.


Empower you workflows and establish strong partnerships by using Vleppos all-in-one application!

Manage your contracts easily and effectively.

Early Adopter Benefits

We’re excited to launch our products and services to the wide world, and we are offering attractive packages and deals for our earliest adopters. Check out the offering by clicking the link below!



Early adopters will, in addition to receiving Vleppo products and services for free until their full release, will also receive extended and valuable discounts.


Our products and services are always evolving and adapting to better suit the need of our users. Early adopters get special opportunity to influence the course of our development.


Vleppo is specialized in creating powerful new solutions with blockchain technology. Early adopters get to be first in line to join our development.

Edit, sign and send your contracts.

Case Study

The digital economy is not far away. Just like the internet shock us by surprise, web3 is just moments from doing the same. Have a read or listen to how your business can benefit your business!


Organize and manage all in one application.

Lets talk blockchain

At Vleppo, we are Blockchain experts, lovers, and enthusiasts. Lets have a talk and explore how you can use blockchain to improve your business. 

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