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Most people don’t think of protecting their ideas and intellectual property before it is too late. Once an idea takes off, creators and innovators have little to no time to establish a thorough copyright that can lay the groundwork for future legal protection or a potential patent application. 

Vleppos V-Notary Patent Service is an easy and affordable for anyone to safely registering their ideas or other intellectual property on a public Blockchain, without revealing the content and providing all the evidence they need to prove that the idea originally belonged to them. 

V-Notary Patent Service

In a digital world, we understand more than ever the importance of digital tools for successful and efficient process of co-working spaces.

Saving money and/or driving efficiencies is only half the story of LawTech. Technology can deliver alternative revenue streams and client acquisition opportunities that can complement a co-working space’s existing business. V-Notary is a low risk, high impact and innovative way to deliver real value to your clients without increasing staff.

V-Notary Patent Service Pricing

First Mover

$ 399 /Year
  • 25 Packages (24 Currently Available) for first movers. Secure your priority implementation and have a minimum 1-week head start over your rivals.

Early Adopter

$ 899 /Year

175 Packages (175 Currently Available) for those who miss out on being a first mover. Get a minimum 1-week head start over standard.


$ 1,799 /Year

Standard is a compelling value by providing your firm with a low-cost customer acquisition and passive revenue tool.

How does V-Notary Patent Service work?

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