Remote Blockchain Notarization Service

Evolve your business with the next thing in LawTech. Embrace blockchain technology and bring new value to your users and clients!

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Increase the value that you deliver to your clients by streamlining and digitizing your services!


We make it possible to utilize the blockchain for document notarizations, thereby enabling you to improve your business with the newest in LawTech.


Connect with clients through new methods. Expand your customer base and service offerings and increase your revenue.

Notarizing a file into the Blockchain has never been easier

Early Adopter Benefits

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Are you a forward-thinking legal firm?

Vleppo’s Remote Blockchain Notarization Service is easily able to be embedded into the website of your legal firm as a potential source of customer acquisition and revenue or as a value add service for your clients. If you would like to learn more, register below.