Does Blockchain Discriminate Against Emerging Markets?

How can blockchain technology be a force for equality?  The thing about fair and equal market opportunities is that they tend to be more readily available for the privileged and wealthy. The recent pandemic highlighted this more than ever, stemming back to the adoption of capitalism.  Can emerging markets, and those with the nerve but […]

Is your Organisation Blockchain Ready?

We’ve developed a quiz to ask you this very question… You don’t have to own the business to do this quiz. You might be; in the innovation team, part of the digital transformation team, techie in the ICT team, an executive who is wondering what you can put forward to take your organisation into the […]

Why Lost Bitcoin Fortunes Could be a Good Thing!

With Bitcoin soaring in value and newspapers publishing reams of explanatory articles about Blockchain, it is becoming obvious that this technology is on the verge of crossing into the mainstream. We have also noticed a steadily increasing flow of news stories of ordinary people who have been locked out of their now lifechanging Bitcoin fortunes […]

We’re Back and Better Than Ever!

Hello world! Firstly, the Vleppo team and I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2021. We sincerely hope that this coming year provides more stability than what we had last year. Secondly, I would like to provide you an update on Vleppo. While there are thousands of memes out there saying ‘Good […]