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Imagine if a Contract Management System (CMS), File Transfer System and IP registration system were all in one place. How much easier would it be to run a digital business?

You don’t need to imagine anymore – it’s here. Vleppo is ready to present our all-in-one business app.

Founded in 2018, Vleppo is a Blockchain Technology Company specializing in developing advanced business solutions for individuals, SMEs and enterprises.

We created this solution for businesses and solopreneurs to manage legal agreements efficiently with the customer or supplier and make all your steps in one solution, avoiding switching between different services.


Within our CMS, you can protect your Intellectual Property, make sure you get paid, deal with disputes and send your work to a client by virtually unlimited file transfer.


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The critical aspect of Vleppo’s approach to solution design is one of the big reasons we leverage blockchain. It helps us do things that existing technology solutions can not achieve.

Making Blockchain Accessible

Blockchain technology is typically complicated for the average person to use and even harder for businesses to implement into their existing architecture. We at Vleppo are focusing on ensuring that the structure of our solution makes this groundbreaking technology accessible to anyone, regardless of their circumstances and technical constraints.

Cannot Be Corrupted
Every node on the network has a copy of the digital ledger. To add a transaction every node needs to check it’s validity. If the majority thinks it’s valid, then it will be added to the ledger. Promoting transparency and making it corruption-proof.
Decentralized Technology
The network is decentralized meaning it dosen’t have any governing authority or a single person looking after the entire framework. Instead, a group of nodes maintain the network making it decentralized.
Enhanced Security
As it eliminates the need for a central authority, no one can just simply change any of the characteristics of the network for their benefit. Also using encryption ensures another layer of security for the system.
Distributed Ledgers
The ledger on the network is maintained by all other users on the system. This distributes the computational power across the computers to ensure a better outcome.
Every Blockchain thrives because of the consensus algorithms. The architecture is cleverly designed, and consensus algorithms are at the core of this architecture. Every Blockchain has a consensus to help the network make decisions.
Faster Settlement
Blockchain offers a faster settlement compared to traditional banking systems. This way a user can transfer money relatively faster, which saves a lot of time in the long run.


The problem with business is that there isn’t just one problem to solve. Businesses encounter issues, with establishing commercially enforceable contracts, ensuring payment for services, managing disputes, protecting trade secrets, and transferring digital information safely and securely. There are solutions in the market for these issues ,however they are not integrated and are not available from one provider.

Vleppo has solved this problem by developing a fully integrated Contract Management, File Transfer and Blockchain Notarization system all available in one application. This enables an individual or business to be able to contract, make payments, resolve disputes, protect IP and transfer files with their clients with its easy to use and Blockchain secured application.

Vleppo’s diverse product suite provides numerous benefits to different users and sectors:

  • Individuals and SMEs: Vleppo provides an ‘all-in-one’ application to manage contracting, IP management, payments and file transfers. As a complete solution supported by a single foundation (Blockchain) there are significant synergies achieved which enables Vleppo to not only offer the product at a very competitive price, but also achive superior margins.
  • Clients of Individuals and SMEs: The escrow solution provides users with certainty around payments, being released only when the client is happy with the work done.
  • Online digital marketplaces (BaaS): While Vleppo’s first product is a desktop application, the architecture has been designed so that in the future, online digital marketplaces (such as Carsales.com.au) can transform their businesses from merely being matchmaking services into a full end-to-end transactional marketplace by leveraging Vleppo’s Contract Management System and Alysides Blockchain. This is road mapped for Q4 2022.
  • Metaverse sector: Vleppo’s Contract Management System provides a robust mechanism for owners of virtual assets (NFTs or Metaverse assets) to be able to create jurisdictionally compliant and enforceable contracts that are anchored to Blockchain registered assets. In this way, Vleppo is the bridge between the virtual world and the physical world enabling enforcement of commercial and IP rights.
  • Medical sector: Vleppo’s Blockchain Peer to Peer (P2P) File Transfer System provides military grade security for file transfers. The removal of any 3rd Party from the transfer process means that the risk of ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack is mitigated ensuring the highest degrees of security. The ability to transfer files of any format and size coupled with this security makes this solution perfect for medical records.

These are just a small sub-set of the potential use cases for Vleppo.


Peter Coco


A visionary and strategic leader with over 25 years global experience in banking, finance, technology, and project management. An expert in commercial applications of Blockchain technology particularly in the fields of FinTech and LawTech.


Compliance Manager & DPO

A legal professional with extensive experience both in corporate and private practice with clients across multiple jurisdictions. An expert in commercial, digital and data particularly as they relate to Deep Technology.



Solution Architect

A technology professional with over 8′ years experience in solution design, architecture, project management, strategic planning and implementation specializing in decentralized and Blockchain solutions.


Developer / Lead Blockchain Developer

Professional problem solver with extensive experience in software development, embedded systems, electronics, engineering and Blockchain technologies. An expert in problem domain analysis/research, concept and application development with specialization in Blockchain smart contract development. 



Marketing Co-Ordinator

A marketing, graphic design and video editing professional with 8′ years experience. A talented communicator with an eye for detail, Katia specializes in taking complex concepts and communicating them to a diverse audience in a simple and easily understood way.


Key Account Manager

Holding qualifications in finance, business and technology, Simon has significant experience in finance, project management, Blockchain and Deep Technologies. An expert in strategy execution to bring complex products and services to market.


Marketing assistant

A marketing and PR specialist with 8′ years experience in B2B marketing, market research, analysis and PR. A proven track record of launching new products into the B2C market and successful implementation of NGO projects. Viktoriia also has a strong background in customer care and establishing / maintaining partner networks. 



Vleppo is the leading provider of Digital Transformation enablement technologies including Blockchain based P2P File Transfer, Contract Management System (CMS), and IP protection.

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